SermonView’s Direct Mail Campaign Mailing Process

How our mailing process works:

You get the lowest
postal rates

SermonView is pre-certified to offer Seventh-day Adventist churches non-profit postal rates with no additional paperwork. We then use the best practices and meet all standards of USPS in order to get your postal rates as low as 8.2¢.

Your mailing is protected and risk is minimized

The timing on your event mailing is very important to the success of your meeting. SermonView has multiple shipment facilities and we ship every mailing directly to your local Postal Sectional Facility (SCF). This allows your mailing to land in a more accurate time window and allow us to track your mailing most of the way to the mailbox.

You’re kept in the loop through the process

Do you want to know where your mailing is at? We’re constantly improving our systems for communicating your mailer progress. You’ll receive emails when the mailing lands at the SCF with helpful instructions of how to track the mailing at the local post office level.

The SermonView Promise

We ensure you the highest mailing deliverability. Although the US Postal Service does not offer a guarantee of delivery for any of their marketing mail products, our team exceeds all of the USPS standards to ensure you the highest deliverability rates.

Here are the steps SermonView takes with every mailing:

— We print dedicated arrival dates on the mailers to help postal workers know the optimal dates to deliver your mailer.
— All mailings are NCOA certified with addresses and bar codes that meet the highest deliverability standards.
— We check-in your mailing at our local Bulk Mail Entry Unite (BMEU), and then palletize and freight your mailing to a local USPS Sectional Facility—reducing the risk of loss or delay.
— We confirm delivery and guarantee* that your mailing arrives at the SCF within the appropriate freight window to meet your deliverability objectives.

*SermonView will rebate the entire cost of postage for mailings that do not land in mailboxes within the 3-day requested landing window due to a delayed delivery to the USPS Sectional Facility. Delivery Guarantee not valid in cases where severe weather impacts delivery.

Read more about the SermonView Promise

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