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Meet people where they are: online.

People today, especially younger generations, live much of their lives in the digital space, and research is showing that this digital engagement is actually driving loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Through marketing funnels you can use digital communication technologies to meet people where they are and progressively move them toward an in-person relationship.

Small Funnel

Choose the themes of 6 landing pages that touch on topics that are important to your church plus get a basic marketing plan started with a consistently managed monthly Google ads campaign and monthly reporting.

Medium Funnel

Add onto your small funnel with additional marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, and an email drip campaign. In addition to the monthly reports, you'll also get a quarterly meeting to discuss how your campaign is doing.

Large Funnel

Round out your marketing campaign by building onto the medium funnel with additional multi-touch marketing solutions such as targeted video ads across the major video platforms: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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You continue to focus on ministry, and we’ll set up the digital marketing to introduce new people to you. You’ll be reaching people right where they are, online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

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