You can help churches bring a Christ-centered evangelistic series to more communities.


What is Forecasting Hope?

Forecasting Hope is an easy, ready-to-use evangelistic package for pastors, lay people, or anyone who wants to share the truth of Bible prophecy while pointing people to an intimate, life-changing relationship with Jesus.
Through this series, international evangelist & Evangelism and Church Growth Director of the Chesapeake Conference, Pastor David Klinedinst has made the complex prophecies of Daniel and Revelation easy to present and crystal clear for people of all levels of biblical understanding. 



Watch a Sample Presentation:

Here is a nightly meeting video from when Pastor David Klinedinst preached this series in 2020.

Any pastor or lay-person with this series will be able to present this exact same content with their own editable script and matching slides at their own location.


Download Slide Sample


Download Manuscript Sample


The series builder's kit comes with everything a host church needs to create and run their own evangelistic series. 

  • 21 Evangelistic sermons
  • Fully editable word-for-word manuscripts
  • Professionally designed, modern presentation slides with modern graphics that are intentionally multicultural (Both PowerPoint & Keynote)
  • Series schedule & printable event planning resources such as:
    • Letter templates to guests & interests
    • Prophecy Charts (70 weeks & 2300 day)
    • Invitation templates to follow up classes
    • Printable registration & decision cards
    • Printable nightly sermon summaries for guests
    • Graphics package with promotional slides, social graphics, etc.
    • Video instructions and recorded role plays on how to visit people.
  • Plus more!

Host churches are guided through the entire process with resources and tips for how to cultivate natural opportunities to engage with guests. 

Visitation: A Key Element of This Event

Visitation and guest connections are a key point of this series to help build trust with guests and lead them to make decisions. Each host church will learn how to connect and cultivate relationships with their guests through a series of host training materials and visitation training videos. 
See Sample Visitation Instruction
Watch Sample Training Video

"If you visit people, you will get decisions."

- Pastor David Klinedinst


Watch Sample Training Videos:

With this series, hosts are provided comprehensive training & resources for presenting each topic and for visiting with guests after decisions are made.

Nightly Instruction Video Sample

Visitation Instruction Video Sample


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Marketing Options

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Want to learn more or become a sponsor?

Visit the Forecasting Hope product page to learn more or contact David Klinedinst directly to become a sponsor and equip more churches with this powerful evangelistic series.