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What is Forecasting Hope?

Forecasting Hope is an easy, ready-to-use evangelistic package for pastors, lay people, or anyone who wants to share the truth of Bible prophecy while pointing people to an intimate, life-changing relationship with Jesus.
Through this series, international evangelist & Evangelism and Church Growth Director of the Chesapeake Conference, Pastor David Klinedinst has made the complex prophecies of Daniel and Revelation easy to present and crystal clear for people of all levels of biblical understanding. 



Watch a Sample Presentation:

Here is a nightly meeting video from when Pastor David Klinedinst preached this series in 2020.

Any pastor or lay-person with this series will be able to present this exact same content with their own editable script and matching slides at their own location.


Download Slide Sample


Download Manuscript Sample


The series builder's kit comes with everything a host church needs to create and run their own evangelistic series. 

  • 21 Evangelistic sermons
  • Fully editable word-for-word manuscripts
  • Professionally designed, modern presentation slides with modern graphics that are intentionally multicultural (Both PowerPoint & Keynote)
  • Series schedule & printable event planning resources such as:
    • Letter templates to guests & interests
    • Prophecy Charts (70 weeks & 2300 day)
    • Invitation templates to follow up classes
    • Printable registration & decision cards
    • Printable nightly sermon summaries for guests
    • Graphics package with promotional slides, social graphics, etc.
    • Video instructions and recorded role plays on how to visit people.
  • Plus more!

Host churches are guided through the entire process with resources and tips for how to cultivate natural opportunities to engage with guests. 

Visitation: A Key Element of This Event

Visitation and guest connections are a key point of this series to help build trust with guests and lead them to make decisions. Each host church will learn how to connect and cultivate relationships with their guests through a series of host training materials and visitation training videos. 
See Sample Visitation Instruction
Watch Sample Training Video

"If you visit people, you will get decisions."

- Pastor David Klinedinst


Watch Sample Training Videos:

With this series, hosts are provided comprehensive training & resources for presenting each topic and for visiting with guests after decisions are made.

Nightly Instruction Video Sample

Visitation Instruction Video Sample

"In a world that desperately needs hope, The release of David Klinedinst's evangelistic series, Forecasting Hope is extremely timely. The Evangelistic Builder's Kit that includes printed sermon manuscripts, graphics, advertising material and much more provides the basics for a successful evangelistic series. These powerful sermons uplift Jesus as the center of all doctrine in the context of end-time prophecy. The eye-catching advertising material will help you draw an audience eager to understand Bible Prophecy.

Whether you are a seasoned evangelist or just beginning your evangelistic ministry, I am confident that these materials will make a difference in your ministry. I am enthused about this user-friendly Forecasting Hope Series for pastors and lay people who desire to reach out to their communities and preach relevant life changing messages."

Mark Finley, Assistant to the President for the General Conference

"As a pastor committed to spreading the message of Christ with optimism and authenticity, this Forecasting Hope kit has been a blessing for me. It is completely customizable, allowing the pastor to apply and adapt to his audience and his personal style. Its meticulously crafted sermons not only saved me valuable time in preparation but also resonated profoundly with my audience, thanks to their Christ-centered focus.

What sets Forecasting Hope apart is its unwavering emphasis on hope and positivity, steering clear of gloom and doom narratives often associated with evangelism and prophecy seminars. The professionally designed slides lend a polished touch to my presentations, enhancing the overall impact. Therefore, I recommend Forecasting Hope to fellow pastors and lay leaders seeking to ignite a spirit of optimism and faith in their communities."

Diego Boquer, Lead Pastor, West Houston SDA Church, Texas Conference

"As a new pastor with only 3 years under his belt, presenting a 21-night evangelism series on Revelation would have never even crossed my mind had it not been that I came across the Forecasting Hope series.

Pastor David has done an incredible job in making each presentation Christ-centered and filled with hope. So, when people leave the meeting place, they leave hopeful for the future and trusting in Jesus more than before. How Forecasting Hope is prepared makes any pastor/lay leader –experienced or not– feel empowered to deliver these messages of hope with power and enthusiasm. Forecasting Hope has made a notable difference for me, and my district, as I am sure it will do for you."

Javier Scharon, Pastor, Dover (DE) SDA Church, Chesapeake Conference

"There are several resources for evangelism in the Adventist context. However, very few are as comprehensive as the material included in the Forecasting Hope package.

The sermons are fresh and up-to-date, with relevant and ethnically diverse graphics that will help different types of audiences relate to it. A great feature of this material is that it helps you "build" an event from the ground up. Evangelism isn't only about preaching. Often the other important elements in an evangelistic effort are ignored. Forecasting Hope includes material to train pastors and laity for effective visitation. Whether visits are in person, at home, or by phone, you'll find training materials and videos to walk you through the different aspects of visitation. I have used the Forecasting Hope sermon series in an event and was able to connect well with the audience. I highly recommend it."

Eli Rojas, Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute

"This is the best, easy-to-use, evangelistic series available today.  Fully adaptable to the presenter’s preaching style and preferences, this package contains everything needed to conduct a powerful, Christ-centered, full gospel message that is designed to attract and engage people from all walks of life.  The illustrations and graphics are vibrant, engaging, and perhaps most important for today’s audience, fresh. The included user instruction videos and written instructions are unique to this series making it practical and user-friendly for novices, seasoned pastors, and laypeople alike.  Anyone can use the field-tested, proven-effective tools in this package in a variety of settings and conditions.  With the Lord’s blessing, this series is how many will come to meet and know Him."

Jerry Lutz, President, Chesapeake Conference
"Of all the evangelists I know, David is one of the most Christ-centered, practical, and clear. Adventism has a lot to offer, and this resource will be an awesome tool in the hands of both pastors and lay people, young and old."

Roger Hernandez, Ministerial Director, Southern Union Conference
"This evangelism kit is not only exciting but is also user-friendly. I strongly recommend it to all who are committed to the Gospel Commission. This tool has the potential to transform your ministry and church, ultimately contributing to the growth of God’s Kingdom in these last days. It offers a profound yet simple and clear approach to presenting the message of Jesus, making it effective across different cultures."

Calvin L. Watkins, Vice President for Evangelism, North American Division
Forecasting Hope can be a wonderful evangelistic resource for you as we approach the closing days of Earth’s history… truly Jesus is coming soon! God asks us to share the warning and hope of our returning Savior! Forecasting Hope contains Christ-centered sermons, multi-cultural graphics, sermon summaries, video instructions on how to conduct evangelistic meetings, and how to create a soul-winning atmosphere in your church through the power of the Holy Spirit.  May God bless your evangelistic activities as we lift up Christ, His Word, His righteousness, His sanctuary service, His saving power in the great controversy, His three angels’ messages, His health message, His last-day mission to the world of sharing the good news of salvation including the need to plead for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, and Christ's soon second coming. Forecasting Hope can help you do that, by God’s grace!

Ted C Wilson, President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

I highly recommend the Forecasting Hope evangelistic series by David Klinedinst. It is a timely resource for spreading hope through Bible teachings, especially on end-time prophecy. The kit includes sermon manuscripts, graphics, and advertising materials designed to draw audiences and emphasize Jesus at the heart of all doctrines. Suitable for pastors, evangelists, and laypeople, this user-friendly series aims to equip them with the tools needed for impactful community outreach and sharing life-changing messages. I think engaging with this material could greatly enhance your ministry and offer a comprehensive approach to evangelism.

Ramon Canals, Ministerial Secretary/Assistant to the President, General Conference

This unique resource represents an important step forward in public evangelism for the Seventh-day Adventist church. It stands out for its commitment to intentionally presenting the prophetic message of scripture in a Christ-centered, positive, and relational way. Forecasting Hope equips pastors and lay leaders with the tools necessary to share the love and hope of Jesus in a manner that is both engaging and accessible. This evangelism kit offers a comprehensive suite of resources that emphasize the beauty of Christ’s character and His prophetic messages to us today. The thoughtful inclusion of editable sermon manuscripts, multi-cultural graphics, and detailed instructional videos ensure that any church, regardless of size or resources, can effectively reach out to their community with a message of hope. I recommend Forecasting Hope as an invaluable resource for any church looking to revitalize their evangelistic efforts and spread the everlasting gospel in these challenging times.

Pastor Tim Taylor, Director of Outreach Ministries, Oregon Conference

I have known David for several years. I have been very impressed by his approach to evangelism. In fact, I have invited him to lecture in my classes at the seminary numerous times. He always did a great job and the students always received very well. His program is not only about an event to take place once a year, but about creating a culture of evangelism in the local church. The program includes, friendship and small group evangelism, preparation for the event, follow up and even discipleship among many other things. I highly recommend Forecasting Hope. The church will be greatly blessed.

Dr. Joe Kidder, Professor, Andrews seminary

I have witnessed how Forecasting Hope has opened the eyes of the audience to the loving message of Jesus embedded in each message. This material will serve as an excellent resource for pastors during the reaping event of the Cycle of Evangelism within the local church. As the church consistently connects with the community, engaging in acts of kindness, and fostering friendships and relationships within our community, this material will assist pastors and church leaders in purposefully extending invitations and presenting Jesus' call to follow Him.

Ignacio Goya, Pastor, Director of Center for Community Change, Andrews University

David is passionate about evangelism.  He is always looking for ways to engage God’s mission of reaching souls into the context of today.   This evangelism is everything a pastor or speaker needs to hold an evangelistic series.  I personally love projects that are excellent, ready-to-go, and let me know I do not have to spend valuable time recreating another wheel.  Thank you, David, for your Forecasting Hope evangelism kit.

Rick Labate, Vice President for Pastoral Ministries, Potomac Conference

David Klinedinst’s public evangelism kit, Forecasting Hope, is a practical step-by-step resource that helps provide the local church pastor or leader with direction in preparing for and conducting a successful, Christ-centered Bible prophecy series.  A successful Bible prophecy series requires an intentional organizational process and biblical messages of hope in Christ.  As a leading evangelist in the Adventist Church today, Klinedinst beautifully merges an understanding of the critical prophecies of the Bible that people should comprehend in anticipation of the second coming with the development of a personal relationship with the soon-coming Jesus.

Tim Madding, Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute

"Yes, this is an excellent source of materials for evangelistic meetings here in the USA and internationally. I’m more than happy to recommend it!"

Tim Madding, Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute

"Evangelist David Klinedinst and his team have crafted an invaluable resource in the Forecasting Hope Evangelistic Kit. This kit is not another collection of sermons; it is a powerful and comprehensive Christ-centered tool for introducing people to Jesus Christ.  What sets this kit apart is its high quality, user-friendly design, and narrative format which empowers evangelists to communicate the message of hope clearly and effectively. Whether you're a seasoned pastor seeking new material or someone just starting out in evangelism, Forecasting Hope is a contemporary, field-tested, soul-winning tool that God can use to reach new disciples and build up His Church.

As a busy pastor, I needed new material. As I watched the Forecasting Hope evangelistic series, I immediately recognized the Christ-Centered strength of this series.  Using this resource, God blessed us with baptisms and spiritual renewal at our Church.  Thank you for telling the gospel story so well!"

Pastor Daniel L. Graham, D. Min., Georgia Cumberland Conference
"What sets Pastor David Klinedinst's Forecasting Hope Evangelistic Series Builder Kit apart is its user-friendly approach and adaptability. Whether you're a seasoned evangelist or just beginning your journey in ministry, this kit offers step-by-step guidance and customizable resources to suit your unique context and audience. With a focus on relevance and clarity, the materials included in this kit equip ministers to communicate the timeless truths of the Gospel in a compelling and accessible manner.

By utilizing Pastor Klinedinst's expertise and practical tools, ministers can confidently embark on their evangelistic endeavors, knowing they have a comprehensive resource at their fingertips to guide them every step of the way."

Tyler Long, Evangelist & Evangelism Director of the Washington Conference

"Anytime someone comes out with new evangelistic sermon material, I buy it. Honestly, in the last few years, I’ve been very underwhelmed by it all and have continued to use the old material that I’ve re-worked for years. However, I recently got ahold of David Klinedinst’s materials, “Forecasting Hope.”

This is way more than just sermon material. This is the most systematic approach to evangelism that has come out in the last 20 years. The materials are full of training videos, how-to’s, information/summary sheets, decision cards, very up-to-date graphics, sermons, notes, and all editable. I’m about to train 15 people over the next few months on doing evangelism and I am definitely using this material! We will use this over and over again. David has given the denomination a tool that is useable, transferrable to your situation and up-to-date.

So excited to get ready now! It’ll preach. It'll win people to Jesus!"

Roger Walter, President, Author of “Evangelism Intelligence: Why Adventist Churches Grow Differently”

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