Build your interest list all year long with custom offers designed to reach different segments of your community.

Start connecting with new people in your area within days.

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What is Interest Generator?

Interest Generator is a new idea for helping churches reach more people in their communities and solving the challenge of diminishing returns in an area. Here are just some of the great benefits from this program:

  • Reach New Parts of Your Community

    With Interest Generator you’ll have different offers designed to interest new segments of your community.

  • Online & Direct Mail Lead Generation

    We get you leads with a combination of online and direct mail advertising. Our team keeps tabs on the programs marketing efforts to make sure you receive consistent leads throughout the year.

  • Year Round Leads

    With a full year of managed marketing your church will receive consistent leads throughout the year.

  • Intentional & Researched Offers

    Our team reviews numerous resources that have proven to be effective in reaching people outside of the Adventist church. Then we decide which one will be the most effective as a new offer for our marketing efforts.

How It Works

1. Receive Your Quarterly Offer Box

Every box contains a dedicated offer designed to reach a new group of interests in your area. You'll also receive a customized guide to help your church understand the resource and how to use it at the door to develop a relationship with the interest.

2. We Launch the Marketing

Based on the program you choose, we'll use a combination of online and direct mail marketing to find interests in your area. Each unique offer gives us an opportunity to reach out to a new audience and avoid the fatigue that comes from repetitive interest generation programs.

What you Get

3. You Drop Off The Resource

Your volunteer will receive an invitation to be the courier for their offer request. Your quarterly resource guide will help your team understand the book or DVD they are delivering, and give them up to 3 objectives for their visit. By offering 3 objectives we ensure flexibility for your volunteers to easily decide the next steps for a follow up visit.

What is in Your Offer Box!

The Offer Resource

This is the key to the Interest Generator program. Your quarterly box will include enough resources to match with the guaranteed leads in your program*. Each offer is designed to correlate with a unique audience and will be a DVD or book that will have real value in your community.

*quantity depends on the participation package that you choose

Your Resource Guide

This guide is custom written to correspond with your resource offer. We'll give you a synopsis of the materials, the ministry principles that will be related in the materials, and the best ways to approach someone that requested this resource. We'll also share three different ways to encourage engagement with the interest beyond your delivery.

Volunteer Badges

In order to help assure a comfortable experience while delivering the resource offer, we are providing you with two volunteer badges and lanyards. These badges match "My Free Study", the brand that was used during your offer.

Personal Invitations

People can request your offer with a simple code on our custom offer page or by phone. We'll supply you with a handful of personal invitations that you can use for mailing to friends, handing out around town, or leaving on the counter of a local business.

Packages and Pricing

*SermonView will back each package with a minimum interest guarantee.

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