Conducting an EDDM Mailing

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Typically, it is in the best interest of a local church to utilize the services of a professional mailing house for your mailers. This is because when we run your mailing we’ll be able to get you the lowest postage rates for your area—in most cases, as low as 8.0¢.

However, there are two times when a standard mailing through us is not your best option.

  1. When you are short on time
  2. When you are wanting to mail less than 4,500 pieces.

In both of these circumstances a program from USPS entitled, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), is the correct answer.

EDDM mailings allow for-profit or non-profit organizations a way to reach every door in a given area without extensive knowledge of USPS practices, bulk mail permits, or special designations. The upside is the simplicity. The downside is the additional postage, which will be calculated at a rate of 17.7¢ (based on January 2017 rates.)

EDDM mailings go out within a day of being turned in to a local facility, making them a better option for churches with little time before a meeting.

EDDM mailings require specific sized mailers, special information in the mailing area, and your mailers to be bundled in packs of 100. Luckily, we handle all of those elements for you, so the steps you have are limited.

Here are the steps you’ll need to complete an EDDM Mailing:

  1. Start by visiting the USPS website at
  2. Start by determining your mailing audience by putting in your starting location.
  1. Once the results appear on the map, select results
    1. Select [SHOW TABLE] and a table of areas will appear over the map.
    2. Select Residential tab right below the address, and choose [RESIDENTIAL ONLY]
    3. Select the routes by clicking on the bar in the table.
    4. Select [HIDE TABLE] at the very bottom of the map, to return to the map view and see where you have highlighted.

  1. Press Continue
  2. Select Drop off date & payment options. Your rate for each mailpiece wil be 17.7¢
  3. Print forms as outlined after checkout
  4. Place facing slips on stacks of mailers based on the instructions.
  5. Take stacks, paperwork, and payment (if you didn’t pay online) to the local post office as listed in your instructions.


For complete details on this process you can download the USPS EDDM guide here.