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Your Goes Further with Facebook

We saw 1,146 leads in April, 2020!

Reach More People in Your Area

Facebook is the perfect way to expand your outreach communication. On average, we see 49.5 leads a day across our campaigns, and 6 leads a day on average for a $500 budget.

Use Your Budget More Efficiently

Use your budget to reach more people and make lasting impressions! We see $20 a lead on average with Facebook! Whereas the average cost per lead for a Bible card mailing is $43.

Add Multi-touch Advertising

With Facebook, your ad will touch your targeted audience multiple times with one ad budget, making it the most cost-effective way to reach more people in your community.

Experience the lowest costing lead we've found.

Imagine connecting with a local person hungry for the Word of God, for as little as $20.

How Does It Work?

  • Choose Your Pricing Plan

    Our team will go over response rates and recommended budgets for your area. You choose the budget that is right for you. Campaigns start at just $500 and can generate 3-5 leads per $100 spent.

  • We run & manage your ad

    Our digital marketing team will build out your ads based on your church's needs. They will also constantly monitor your ad: responding to comments, questions, and inquiries in a timely manner. Our team also monitors effectiveness of the campaign, and will adjust the ad if it is not generating the desired response.

  • We send you leads and add them to InterestTracker.org

    Our team pulls a weekly list of people who have responded to the ad. We add them to our free Interest Tracker software (see here) so that you can keep track and start meeting with new interests in as little as 48 hours—improving response rates.

Experience the SermonView Difference

We Have High Standards...

Our digital marketing team will build out your ads based on your church’s needs. We constantly monitor the effectiveness of every ad campaign we run and optimize ads if they are not generating the desired response or meeting our high standards of performance.


What SermonView Does for You...

  • Flexibility in Offer: Because we are constantly monitoring your ads, we can change the offer as needed if the area gets saturated.
  • Comment and Message Management: Facebook is designed for comments and reactions. SermonView manages all comments and private messages on your campaigns. Managing these attributes ensures that your ads have maximum effectiveness in your area.
  • A/B Testing: SermonView manages multiple ads for a single campaign, often running them all at once—testing performance and improving your responses throughout the entire campaign to get you the best results.
  • Perfecting Facebook Audiences: SermonView has developed an audience of 1,000 respondents throughout the country which provides Facebook important data in creating the right type of audience for this offer. By doing this, we have lowered the cost per lead and can ensure that you are not wasting precious budget on initial testing.
  • Genuine Responses: Our program utilizes cutting-edge landing page technology allowing us to get accurate information, with less fake responses. We ask every respondent to confirm that they are interested in receiving a free Bible study. This method does not preclude people from changing their mind or feel tentative during initial interactions, but it has improved overall success rates from other programs we have monitored.
  • Interest-minded Brand Identity: SermonView uses the profileMy Free Bible Study to encourage maximum response from people searching to understand God’s Word. This brand identity prevents interests from getting bogged down in which local church is offering the program. Plus, this means that your own social media account (which is often designed with your current members in mind, or can sometimes be neglected) will not inhibit the success of this program.

This combination of tools allows us to get leads consistently at around $20—making this program 30% more cost-effective than the best Bible study mailing programs we have seen.


Plus YOUR Church is Empowered...

  • Affordable Marketing Options: With a simple pricing structure, you can choose the pricing plan that accommodates your church's budgetary needs.
  • Start as Soon as You're Ready: We can get the campaign up and running in as little as two days, while a mailing can take weeks.
  • This is YOUR Marketing Tool: We can start and pause your campaign if your Bible workers get inundated with leads.
  • Setting the Stage for Connection: Our system sends out an automated response that has been carefully crafted to encourage a positive response for you and/or your Bible worker. We recommend following up our email with a low friction introduction through email or by phone.
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