Thunder in the Holy Land


Thunder in the Holy Land is a series of video studies built around archaeology and created to equip pastors and churches to effectively share the truths of the Bible. The series is packed with rich information about the Holy Land and carefully crafted to strike interest in the minds of viewers.


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About the Program: Thunder in the Holy Land

To those whom He encountered, Jesus’ teachings were like a mighty Thunderstorm. His words and accompanying actions were so compelling that the reverberations are still felt by those living today. This visual Bible study is like no other connecting the mind and the heart!

Experience the first two episodes along with the FREE lessons at QLP.TV/Thunder.

QuestLine Productions has optimized these 26 Thunder in the Holy Land video studies and accompanying lesson helps for small groups. With the quick training (either on-line or at a training event) anyone can easily and successfully become a small group leader. You don’t need a manual with lots of material to cover. All that is required is a relationship with Jesus and a desire to share His teachings.

For more information about how to purchase this series, or even how you can become a "Thunder Pastor" visit QLP.TV/Thunder.

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