Why Bible Study Cards?

Historically, Bible study cards have been an effective way to share the message about Jesus with lots of people in your area. These mailed cards offer you an opportunity to reach members of your community that are not connected to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. There are people desperately looking for answers that can only be reached through direct contact.


The SermonView Difference

Each card in our library is being constantly tested for maximum impact in communities across the country. We use two capture methods for increased effectiveness: online requests and telephone responses. This combination allows the most types of recipients to engage with your offer. It also allows every card to be a powerful tool for Christ that can reach person-after-person. Unlike, mail response cards, these cards are always effective at giving someone an opportunity to respond. This unique method, along with SermonView's demographic analysis, helps your church maximize their budget by reaching the most people.

Bible Study Cards feature:

  • Eye-catching Design

    Our professional designer creates stunning imagery that is sure to catch the eye of your community members.

  • Web-based and Phone Responses

    Your unique code allows your cards to be a powerful, ongoing tool for Christ. No matter when these cards are seen, interests can call or go online to engage with your local offer.

  • Compelling Call to Action

    Listing an interesting incentive (free Bible study guides, book, etc.) with a specific call-to-action (sign up today!) will garner a higher response rate.

Campaign Specific Cards:

Looking for a specific campaign? Here are the most popular Bible Study Cards we offer.

Faith at Hacksaw Ridge

Share the gripping story of Desmond Doss and use the Bible Study card to invite members of your community to join your church for a Bible study, or offer a free book or resource. Books must be purchased separately (find them here).

Thunder in the Holy Land

Thunder in the Holy Land is a series of video studies built around archaeology and created to equip pastors and churches to effectively share the truths of the Bible. The series is packed with rich information about the Holy Land and carefully crafted to strike interest in the minds of viewers.

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