The SermonView Promise

We are committed to helping you use your budget effectively to get more people through the doors of your local church. Here is what that means to us…

  • Although the US Postal Service does not offer a guarantee of delivery for any of their marketing mail products, our team follows and exceeds all of the USPS standards to ensure you the highest deliverability rates. Here are the steps SermonView takes with every mailing:

    • — We print dedicated arrival dates on the mailers to help postal workers know the optimal dates to deliver your mailer.
    • — All mailings are NCOA certified with addresses and bar codes that meet the highest deliverability standards.
    • — We check-in your mailing at our local Bulk Mail Entry Unite (BMEU), and then palletize and freight your mailing to a local USPS Sectional Facility—reducing the risk of loss or delay.
    • We confirm delivery and work with local USPS agents to ensure that your mailing arrives at the SCF within the appropriate freight window to meet your deliverability objectives.

  • Understanding who will be receiving your invitation is one of the most important aspects to ensuring big crowds. By researching the age, political bias, religious affiliation, income, and ethnicity of your community we can help you to create better resources that get better results.

  • Marketing is about tracking and adjusting best practices based on evidence. Our team constantly reviews the success and struggles of individual campaigns in order to better understand what is working in our world today. We use this data to offer insights into your outreach ideas and help your events have the highest chance for success.

  • Good marketing is only one piece of a successful campaign. We know this is a spiritual battle, and we believe strongly in the power of prayer. Our team meets weekly to pray for God’s hand in your efforts and that our joint efforts will produce fruit for His Kingdom.