What is a Bridge Event?

Bridge Events are two- to five-night events that address a felt need in your community and introduce people to your church without the barriers that are often associated with longer series. To help encourage maximum participation we recommend correlating your Bridge Events with the needs that arise during specific seasons throughout the year.

Why Bridge Events?

Bridge Events will encourage a spirit of evangelism in your members. In addition, attendees to your Bridge Events are more likely to attend your annual reaping series.

Download your FREE Bridge Events Calendar

Download your FREE Bridge Events Calendar

First Quarter
January - March


Help your neighbors deal with the stress of holiday spending by offering a finance class. January is the perfect time to see maximum engagement for a money seminar.

Health + Wellness

The New Year brings a focus on change. Take this opportunity to share the message of health or cooking classes focused on New Year’s resolutions.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, couples look for ways to deepen their marriage. Offering a marriage seminar in February is an excellent way to reach your community.

Second Quarter
April - June


Offering something for families is a great way to bring new people into your church. Consider inviting the children in your neighborhood to Vacation Bible School.

Bible Study

People are interested in the Bible, but may not know where to begin. Offer a small group for those who are interested in learning more about the Bible.


Tell your community about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Offer a free community event hosted by a local dietitian or certified instructor.

Third Quarter
July - September

Creation & Science

Offer a seminar on current geological and archaeological studies that can point to the authority of the creation narrative.


Invite parents in your community to discover biblical, practical, and relevant wisdom for raising children in our world today.

Cooking Class

Offer a free class to help people save money, shop smarter, and create delicious dishes they can share with their whole family.

Fourth Quarter
October - December

Emotional Wellness

As winter begins so can seasonal depression and loneliness. Offer a professional recovery program, workshop, or seminar in a safe, loving environment.


The Bible has predicted history with 100% accuracy. Take this opportunity to provide validation of the Bible and hope for the future by hosting a strong prophecy seminar.


There is significant archaeological evidence for the claims of the Bible. Host an antiquity seminar series that will engage your entire community.