The Evidence for Creation, By Dr. Stan Hudson


People in your community are curious about the debate over evolution vs. creation. You can take them on a journey to investigate the common ground and conflicts between science and religion on the subject of creation, and uncover scientific evidence that points to the authority of the creation narrative. This "Preach-It" style event combines high-quality video intros and footage from scientists to combine with complete scripts and presentation slides.


ORIGINS has a unique way of providing evidence for the common ground and conflicts between science and religion—specifically on the subject of Creationism vs Evolution. With the help of scientists and scholars, Dr. Hudson’s presentations take the guest on a journey to uncover scientific evidence that directly points to the authority of the creation narrative, yet is often overlooked.

This 6-part presentation will have a live speaker while also presenting video interviews with some of today’s leading experts on Creationism. Uncover scientific evidence that directly points to the authority of the creation narrative (yet is often overlooked) and learn from one of the oldest living texts in our world – the Bible.

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You'll find everything you need to present this 6-part series. The media kit comes with:

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(6) Slide Presentations

(6) presentation videos and intros

Promotional videos for your church and the public

Self-promotional files for advertising your event

Host guide, event coordinator guide, and more

Bonus: Promotional sermon "The Call to Worship the God of Genesis"


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Webinar - A new creation series for your community

A replay of NPUC’s Stan Hudson and SermonView’s Vince Williams as they provide an overview of what this series will bring to your community and share exactly what you can expect hosting your event.

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