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For online-only or hybrid events we recommend adding AttendanceTracker to our InterestTracker software. This will allow your church to receive all registrations directly into you interest list and then track attendance for in-person and online attendees.

For in-person only events you can use AttendanceTracker or purchase registration cards. Our team offers registration cards in packs of 100 for $20.

Decision Cards

SermonView does not carry decision cards. We do recommend contacting Seminars unlimited for their pre-printed decision cards. They offer 8 different decision cards for $10 per pack of 100 cards.

— Bundles come with a Complete Digital Suite —

In the modern world every event needs to be on the internet. But, it's not about just getting seen. From your ads to the landing page everything needs to work together in harmony. With SermonView managing your campaign you receive...

Facebook Advertising

You'll reach crafted audiences with proven ads that will increase the number of responses surrounding your local meeting.

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Online Registrations

SermonView's pre-registration platform creates custom-crafted and mobile friendly pages designed to encourage event registration.

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Sign up for a free account and your event registrations get automatically added to your church's interest list database.

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