Conference-Wide Evangelism

How can we help your Conference with Evangelism?

Evangelism has changed, maybe permanently, but the mission remains the same. How does a conference support effective evangelism in the wake of online and in-person meetings? Is there a way to take advantage of the world’s chaotic climate to make sure our last day message gets heard?

SermonView Evangelism Marketing has served over 5,000 evangelistic series and has now developed an all-in-one solution that gives Conferences flexibility and functionality to keep up with the changing times.

Here's what each church gets with SermonView’s Evangelism Bundle of solutions:

  • Cloud-based Interest Tracking Hub w/ unlimited users.
  • Local registration portal. All registrations go into the local churches InterestTracker.
  • Automated notifications by SMS and email.
  • Local online check in portal.
  • Track attendance for online and in person meetings simultaneously.
  • Stream video from a single source to multiple Viewers, allowing local guests to communicate with each local church in real time.
  • Local or conference level online marketing. All leads stay with each local church the whole time.


InterestTracker is the complete online CRM for helping Adventist churches manage interests on their way to membership and beyond. More than just a database, the robust CRM allows you to segment your list, add notes, and track activity for interests through every interaction with your church.


The AttendanceTracker module integrates attendance tracking into your interest list, building on InterestTracker's cloud-based features like tags, interactions and profile pictures. This robust add-on makes it easy to check in your guests online or at multiple check-in stations in person. Attendance Tracker comes with a robust reporting system and you can send SMS messages direct to any filtered group of interests/attendees.

Relevant Seminars

With Relevant Seminars, we can build personalized event landing pages for online, in-person, or hybrid meetings. Each page is mobile first and proven for conversion. Plus, every page has full sharing capabilities that direct interests back to the local site. For Conferences, we can offer a site locator that will allow people to choose the closest church to them.


Our all-new Interactive SermonViewer is designed to let each check-in portal direct interests into a video player that connects the viewer with the local church. Prayer requests, gift offers, questions, and more can all be communicated right from the player and all requests will instantly feed into the local churches InterestTracker account and notify the user associated to that guest.

Our unique approach to evangelism marketing has helped produce real kingdom growth in churches throughout the North American Division.

With SermonView’s complete library of Evangelistic tools, Conferences get to choose how to handle meetings.

  • Single start date events across the Conference.
  • Have single presenter throughout the Conference while giving local churches all the communication.
  • Local presenters for each meeting with combined marketing

It is time to start dreaming about what evangelism can look like in the modern day.

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