Conference-wide Evangelism

Digital and print marketing resources to help the churches in your conference grow.

You have a dream to see God do big things in your conference. You want to equip your churches to reach their communities with the Everlasting Gospel. You know God wants to see the churches in your conference grow, and you're longing to see that happen.

SermonView Evangelism Marketing is here to support that dream, and we have the resources and tools to support you. We can:

  • Help your churches find people in their communities ready to study the Bible, with our LeadGenerator program.
  • Manage the marketing for your conference-wide, multi-site evangelistic event.
  • Upgrade your church websites to be more outreach-oriented, focused on connecting with potential guests.
  • Equip your churches to track and follow-up with interests with our InterestTracker online CRM for Adventist evangelism.

God's given you big dreams for your conference. SermonView wants to help you realize them.

Let's Talk Evangelism Marketing!


Get your churches connecting with their communities with monthly Bible study leads.

Plant the seeds for evangelism in your community all year round.

LeadGenerator meets people right where they are at on their spiritual journey, and introduces them to your church.

Social media ads run across multiple platforms, and are managed by our digital marketing experts, so each campaign is constantly monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure your budget is being used effectively and your churches are receiving the right number of quality leads they can handle each month.


Whether you are looking to get your churches guaranteed monthly leads or want to run a larger single campaign with leads geo-distributed to the closest church in their area, SermonView has options to give conferences solutions to match their growth goals and budgets.


Visit and find out more about the monthly lead guarantee or request a quote!

Your Partner for Digital and Print Event Advertising

From mailers and invites to outdoor advertising, social media campaigns and event landing pages—we handle it all giving you a cohesive look and using a multi-touch approach to help your churches increase event awareness in their community and reach more people at their next event.


SermonView has been managing digital marketing campaigns for over 2 decades.


We’ve developed comprehensive programs to offer you more than a volunteer or a part-time staff member on your team ever could. We handle it all, too—ad testing, detailed targeting, conversion tracking, and managing comments and messages are all part of the package. Plus, we’ve developed professional brands to help build trust with communities without impacting your church’s webpage or social media accounts.

At SermonView, we are passionate about ministry, and nerds for marketing.

SermonView’s Suite of Technology

Technology to build connections.

SermonView has spent years building easy-to-use software that automates and simplifies much of the registration, check-in, and communication process—allowing your churches to focus on building relationships with guests.

Here’s a quick look at the unique solutions we can provide for your churches:


Personalized event registration sites

Pre-Registration pages provide a central location of information for guests, plus tools for sharing with friends online.


Automatic InterestTracker Feeds from your website forms

InterestTracker is the easy online platform for helping your church manage interests on their way to membership. All pre-registration, Bible study leads, or church website form information automatically flows into your churches’ accounts, giving them instant access to people in their communities they can connect with.


Comprehensive attendance tracking module for InterestTracker

AttendanceTracker offers a complete event management system for evangelistic series. Check in guests, pull attendance reports, and develop a follow-up plan with anyone who missed a night of your series.


Text messaging module for InterestTracker

SMS messaging within InterestTracker gives your churches a powerful tool for communication and automatically documents each interaction with your leads.

Want to learn more about InterestTracker? Visit

Outreach Websites for Adventist Churches

Turn your church website into an outreach tool.

To engage new interests and younger generations, it is important that your site feels relevant, personal, and welcoming to new guests.

Our team will gear your site to be welcoming to your new visitors, while still communicating your church's unique personality. You'll get a site that reflects your culture designed by our team of professional designers and marketers.

Google Advertising Campaigns to Drive Traffic

Each month over 100,000 people search Google for the phrase, “churches near me.”

Church websites are the online welcome mat for a church. If they went to one of your church’s websites right now, would they feel welcome?

SermonView combines all the tools a church needs to grow its digital footprint in their community including Google Ads. With every aspect handled by our team of professional marketing, design, and online experts.

Website Forms Automatically Import into InterestTracker

We’ll focus on evangelism and outreach (and still take care of all the technical stuff too.)

SermonView Evangelism Websites offers WordPress options for church websites. This allows us to bring your churches more features, more personalization options, and more integrations to reach more people in their community looking for a church.

Adventist Church Connect or WordPress options available

Larry Witzel

Conferences grow when local churches connect with their communities. When you work with SermonView, your churches will not only get the most effective marketing resources, but your conference will also receive consultation and support throughout the ministry partnership. We want to help you reach your growth goals and innovate evangelism in your conference.

We believe as we join SermonView's unique talents and abilities with your dreams for church growth, we will get to see an abundant harvest.

Together, let’s grow the Kingdom!

Larry Witzel, Founder & President
SermonView Evangelism Marketing

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