Resources for Facebook Lead Generation

Email Templates & Tips

We recommend following up on your leads sooner than later, and because you get an email address from the form they fill out on Facebook, we are finding that it may be best to email first, then show up. Here are a few email templates that may help you get started, along with a few tips as well for that process.

Email Templates (PDF, 66 KB)

My Free Bible Study Name Tag

We have received a lot of feedback from Bible workers that it is difficult not having a physical card to help people recognize where they are from when they show up to hand off their study. So we have created a name tag that matches the design of the Facebook page we run the ads through to help people make that visual connection.

Name Tag (PDF, 55 KB)

My Free Bible Study Email Header

When emailing your leads, use this header to help tie in the look and feel of the ads for visual recognition.

Email Header (JPG, 47 KB)

“Sorry We Missed You!” Card

If you show up at the door to hand off a Bible study and no one is home, leave this “Sorry We Missed You!” card to let your lead know that you stopped by, and you will try again another day.

Sorry We Missed You (PDF, 3 MB)