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SermonView's founder, Larry Witzel, is available to speak at conference pastors' meetings and evangelism training events throughout North America, frequently at no cost to the host organization. Our inspiring and educational workshops can be shared in person to groups of 25 or more pastors, or via Zoom.

These presentations are not commercials for SermonView. Rather, one of our mandates is to educate and inspire pastors to be more effective in their own outreach efforts. So we've taken our decades of experience working with local churches and distilled some key innovation and marketing concepts into seminars that provide practical wisdom directly applicable to the local ministry environment.

If you're looking for someone who can inspire and motivate your pastors to improve their ministry effectiveness, look no further. We have that speaker you're looking for.

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“Failure is not the endpoint. It’s simply a data point, something that will help you learn and take a step closer to your goal.”

Larry Witzel

Current Topics & Presentations

  • Digital Evangelism

    We’re in the midst of a digital transformation of society, the biggest shift in communication technology since the Gutenberg press 500 years ago. It has changed we shop, how we learn, how we are entertained, even how we find love. In this new world, people are developing parasocial relationships with social media influencers. These one-sided illusions of relationship are powerful, and in this talk Larry will explain how you can cultivate these parasocial relationships and then harvest them evangelistically. You can become an online influencer for Christ! 60–90 minutes

  • Effective Church Websites

    Church exists for those who are not yet part of it! In this presentation, Larry Witzel will give you a deeper understanding of the psychology of church guests, the key features every church website must have, and how to get your website seen. You’ll leave with practical strategies for improving your church website and turning it into a powerful evangelistic tool. 45–60 minutes

  • Principles of Innovation

    The world is changing faster than ever! We have to change our methods, too, without diluting the Truth. In this seminar, you’ll learn a process for innovation and discovery that you can use to grow your ministry effectiveness. Uncover the questions you should ask and the key steps you must take to innovate successfully. Plus, you’ll learn the secret for turning failure into success. Whether you consider yourself a creative innovator or defender of the tried-and-true, you’ll leave this seminar with practical tools you can use to improve your ministry effectiveness. 60–90 minutes

What People are Saying

Larry's fresh viewpoint and his forward thinking are revitalizing and stimulating to us all. I appreciate him.
Mark Finley
Assistant to the President, General Conference
Larry has been a regular presenter at Adventist WestPoint for the last decade. His topics are always timely, and his sessions well attended. He has been a valuable partner contributing to the success of our event.
Bradford Newton
President, Pacific Union Conference
Larry came to our pastors’ meetings to speak about evangelism marketing, social media, and innovation principles for local churches. The pastors were completely engaged with his presentations, and I heard several of them talking together about specific ways to apply these concepts in their local churches.
Gary Gibbs
President, Pennsylvania Conference
Our pastors seemed really energized by Larry’s presentations, which were dynamic and informational. I also appreciated Larry's engagement with our pastors outside the presentation times. Overall, it was a great experience having him present at our pastors’ meeting.
Victor Maddox
Ministerial Director, Georgia-Cumberland Conference
I so appreciated Larry's presentations. While our church is active in evangelism, the tools and ideas that Larry offered inspired me with ways to better organize and structure our approach to outreach.
Jeremy Arnall
Pastor, Greeneville TN
Larry's presentations were clear and easy to understand. He has given me a greater understanding of HOW to lead people. I am confident, by God's grace I will be a better evangelist and a better church leader.
Tom Stone
Pastor, Pottstown PA

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Propel Conference on Church Growth (2023, 2024)
  • Texas Conference Pastor's Meetings (2023, 2024)
  • NAD Pastor Evangelist BootCamp (2023)
  • CALLED Pastors' Convention (2015, 2022)
  • Allegheny East Conference Communication Conference (2022)
  • Dakota Conference Pastors' Retreat (2022)
  • VOP Believe Convention (2019)
  • Adventist WestPoint (2011-2019)
  • North Pacific Union EvangeLead (2018, 2019)
  • Georgia-Cumberland Conference Pastors' Meetings (2019)
  • Pennsylvania Conference Pastors' Meetings (2019)
  • Greater New York Conference Pastors' Meeting (2019)
  • Southern Union EC3 (2017)
  • Chesapeake Conference Pastors' Meeting (2015)
  • Potomac Conference Pastors' Meetings (2015)
  • SEEDS (2009, 2014, 2015)
  • Oregon Conference Evangelism Training (2014)
  • Upper Columbia Conference Pastors' Meetings (2011)
  • Idaho Conference Pastors' Retreat (2011)

About Your Speaker

Larry Witzel

Larry Witzel

Founder and President

Larry Witzel is a respected innovator at the intersection of technology, marketing, and ministry. As founder and president of SermonView Evangelism Marketing, he leads a team that offers technology and services to help grow churches through digital evangelism and event marketing. He is also director of the Propel Conference, the premier annual training event in North America offering inspiration and innovation for church growth.

Larry has spent over 30 years in marketing and public relations. His resume includes stints at organizations as varied as Intel, Wellsource, La Sierra University, North Pacific Union Communication Dept., and a variety of technology startups. In 2001 he joined It Is Written as director of its Digital Media Group, leading a team of 15 young creatives in creating cutting-edge resources for evangelism, before founding SermonView in 2005.

Larry has a BA in theology and mass media from Walla Walla University, earned his MBA from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Strategic Media program at Liberty University. He is a tech team leader and musician at his local church, is chair of the board for Columbia Adventist Academy, and serves on the North Pacific Union Executive Committee. He lives with his wife and two children in Vancouver, Wash.

Book your SermonView speaker today! Call 1-800-525-5791, or email us using the contact form on our website.