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Event Marketing: Terms & Conditions

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SermonView reaping campaigns are full evangelistic series designed to focus on helping people make decisions for Jesus. We recommend building on a foundation of friendship, kindness, and bridge events to see the most success in your reaping events.

With SermonView you benefit from a proven multi-touch marketing approach. When it comes to your event marketing plan we utilize multiple forms of print, mail, and digital marketing resources to promote your next event.

Since multi-touch marketing covers a range of resources the production timelines and needs for each item can vary. Below you'll find information about any of the time sensitive event marketing resources we provide so you'll know how to help keep things moving leading up to your event start date.


Get Your Discount

In order to start your project, we need your signed order indicating your approval at least 6 weeks before your event's start date. If you can get it to us earlier, at least 8 weeks before your start date, it broadens the production windows so we'll give you a 5% discount on your mailing.

This order discount is subject to you approving a few things on time to help keep the ball rolling. We'll need your design proof for your mailer and your mailing list approved in time for us to run your mailing according to the production timeline. Don't worry, when you sign your order we will confirm the dates you need to be aware of and we'll let you know if you are ever getting close to losing your discount at any point during the proofing process.

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Our Mailing Calendar

While some things are starting to get back to normal, we are still seeing an impact in the print production supply chain and with freight transit times, especially when it comes services related to direct-to-door mail. We are encouraging everyone to contact us early so we can get started on your marketing efforts sooner rather than later which will greatly help reduce the risk of delays.

We've built out this mailing calendar for you and we update it regularly to show the current production windows related to direct mail services. Please check this calendar regularly and consider these dates before you place your order and as you continue through the proof and mailing list approval process.

See Mailing Calendar

Your Rush Options

Our design proofing system was created so we can get you a new design proof within 1-3 days of when your order is entered, and proof changes within 1-2 days from when you request it. Plus, the majority of our print products are already at the fastest industry turnaround times available, with many at just 1-3 days for print production. But, we get it, things happen and now you need it sooner. We will always do our best to help in a crunch.

Some items may be eligible for rush services in either the design process, print production, transit method, or in any combination of these three areas. However, some may not. Please note that all print turnaround times are estimates, as all items are limited by uncontrollable factors such as paper supply, inclement weather, or if production is at capacity during busy seasons.

It's always best to order early and call us if you have an urgent need. Let us know what items you need and by what date. We will let you know if it can be done or if you have rush options. We promise to always try our best to meet your needs in the most effective way possible with the least additional rush fees coming back to you.

See Rush Policy


Mailing Production Calendar:

Locate your event start date below to find your deadlines.

Full Terms & Conditions

Get Your Discount
In order to start your project, we need signed approval on a SermonView quote by someone from your church who has the authority to approve invoices agreeing to pay the amount listed. 
All orders should be signed and returned by: 
  1. Scan and email to your campaign manager or info@sermonview.com; or
  2. Return signed form using the e-signature feature on your quote.
  3. Authorize via email response from the email containing the order quote.
Please note, by signing your quote you are agreeing to accept the following terms:
Services can only be canceled prior to proof authorization. Cancellation or an attempt at a change in quantity may result in a bill for all design services rendered in agreement with this order, and additional charges for product or quantity changes. Design services will be billed at the full, posted hourly rate for any canceled print orders. Because we move quickly to meet time-sensitive printed marketing material needs, all print orders are considered “In Production” once your proof approval has been made. There is no guarantee that your print order can be canceled or modified at any time once you have provided your approval for the design to go to production. In some cases, a partial refund may be available for Shipping & Handling costs if an item is in print but has not shipped yet. You can contact customer support at any time to see if this applies to your order.
Due to volatility in supply chain and material costs, the pricing you are provided on your order quote is good for only 30 days. Pricing requires all proof approvals for mailed items are made 7 weeks prior to event dates. Discounts may be given to orders that are signed at least 8 weeks before your event date. Any discounts in print or services provided are subject to your proof approval date of at least 7 weeks prior to your event start date so as not to impact the production queue. Any order that does not meet these requirements are subject to lose the listed discount, in which case you will receive an additional invoice for the remaining balance due. This decision is subject to the production department’s capacity at the 7 week mark, and any adjustments to your order can be made at that time by SermonView.
Postage will be billed at the current USPS postal rate at the time of delivery to the SCF. Actual sales tax may vary and will be determined by the relevant tax authority at the time of invoicing. Due to supply and freight limitations, no guarantee of specific stock or material is implied.
Your shipping address must also be confirmed at proof review before your print resources enter production. Please decide ahead of time where items should be shipped to: a residence or the church. Shipping companies consider churches a “business”. If someone is not there to receive the package or if a business is not open, 3 deliver attempts will be made before an item is sent back to us. Additional shipping charges will be involved if items are returned and reshipped. There are no guarantees that address changes can be made in mid production. If so, there will be additional processing fees for changes. No changes can be made to products already received by the shipping company and in transit.
The terms listed above are subject to change at any time. Please see the current terms listed on your order quote that you sign for the most up to date policy regarding your specific event marketing order.

Your Rush Options
Any orders containing a direct-to-door mailing that are received less than 6 weeks before the event start date is subject to the production department’s approval and may incur a rush fee. Any orders containing other print resources are not guaranteed to be delivered by a specific date. If you need other print resources by a specific date, it is your responsibility to let your campaign manager know, and SermonView will let you know if that date can be met or not. The production department has the authority to determine if any product can be fulfilled based on availability of material and their current capacity without impacting the production timeline of someone else’s order. If it is possible, but will require additional labor costs, you will be given an option including rush production fees. This option will also include hard date deadlines for when your design proof and mailing list must be approved as well. These details will be included in your rush order estimate so you will know what to expect before you sign your quote.
Rush fee policy:
A number of items may be available for rush options based on capacity in the following stages:
Design:   The design department is streamlined to work through a large number of “jobs” quickly and efficiently. Your participation in quick proof approval is an important step to receiving your print products as quickly as possible. Our standard design time provides initial design proofs for most products within 1-3 business days, and design changes within an additional 1-2 business days of receiving your change request. This time frame is not a guarantee, and may fluctuate during busy evangelism seasons, so it is best to place your order early to allow for more time in this area.
If your print order requires rush design services to get your initial design or proof changes faster than listed here, you may be able to cover additional time needed by paying a rush design fee of an additional $50 per print product. This fee covers expediting the initial design, and prioritizes your job through the proofing process. Because the proofing process is iterative and dependent on you for fast proof review, limited change requests, and timely approval; we cannot guarantee a rush design fee will ensure your design will be finalized by the latest date your product needs to go to print.
This fee is based on our standard products, and may not be an option for all products at all times. Please talk to your campaign manager to see if this option is available for your specific order.
Print:   Print production timelines can vary by product as some products have longer finishing processes than others, and can also vary based on quantity and how quickly a product is needed. Due to this combination of elements, we cannot assess a flat rush print rate. If it is determined a rush production process is required to meet your requested delivery date for a specific product, a custom rush print quote will be provided to you. This quote still cannot offer a 100% guarantee of delivery as we are still limited to conditions out of our control such as paper supply, print house limitations, inclement weather, transit delays, etc. With this in mind, please only consider rush print options as a last resort effort rather than a sustainable option to explore each time you place an order.
Transit:   In most cases, we ship out products using FedEx or UPS transportation services, or a mix of both depending on the product and the pick up availability on any given day. We will always opt for the fastest and most economic choice for you that closely reflects the shipping method you originally chose and paid for. (For example: some of your items might arrive by UPS Ground while others arrive by FedEx Air even if you only paid for “ground” shipping.) Rush shipping options may be available, but only if a change is made as early as possible, and always before the product has made it to the “handling” phase. Once a product is out of print production, the current status of “handling” means it could be in any part of the handling phase: from packaging or labeling, to at the dock for pick up, or leaving the warehouse on the truck already. We try our best to provide tracking details as quickly as possible, but even those details may not be up to date, minute-to-minute. If it is determined that a shipping upgrade is needed and is available, SermonView will let you know what level is required and will provide you an estimate for the cost. This estimate is based on the difference between the shipping level you originally paid for and our cost for the new expedited service. If you have concerns about any print item, contact your campaign manager or customer service immediately to see if a rush transit upgrade is an available option for your order.
Mailhouse:    Like our design department, our internal mailhouse is also designed to work as efficiently as possible as our standard mode of operation. During slower seasons we will still do everything in our power to move your mailing as quickly as possible through each step to ensure a timely delivery of your order to mailboxes. During peak production seasons, however, there may not be any option to expedite your order, as all mailing campaigns are carefully added to the production queue when the order is first received. This ensures we “hold your place in line” so your mailing can be processed during the ideal window to ship to the SCF before your start date. We will never negatively impact someone else’s mailing campaign to adjust for late mailings. This would cause a cascade of late mailings, so it is never an option. In some cases there may be opportunities for additional labor hours, in which case the additional cost must be borne upon the owner of the late order. 
Rush mailhouse fees only apply to late orders that have been reviewed by our team and it has been deemed the mailing can still be done. In these instances the following rush fees will be in effect in addition to any early order discount reversal:
Any order that is within 1 week outside of our posted timelines (either order placed late or ordered on time but design proof approved late) is subject to a $0.01/piece rush fee. 
Please see the current mailing calendar for our current date deadlines.
For example, a $0.01/piece rush fee would look like this:
10K mailing rush fee = $100
20K mailing rush fee = $200
35K mailings rush fee: $350
80K mailings rush fee: $800
If the order goes beyond that, then you must get approval by the production department or you may want to consider pushing back your event date to avoid penalties. A $0.03 per mailpiece extended rush fee may be available if the order goes beyond the first rush deadline, however, this may not be an available option for some larger quantity orders. 

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