Laura’s Story

Larry WitzelEvangelism Practices, Marketing Practices

Laura’s life was changed because of my church's website. For real!

Let me explain. Four years ago, Laura* moved to town. She grew up Adventist but had gotten disconnected from church moving around as a young adult. Some time after her move, she decided to connect with a spiritual community, so she searched “Bible study near me” on Google.

My church website has a page showing our Bible study groups, and it showed up on the search results. One thing led to another, and today she is fully engaged in the life of our church, serving on the Sabbath morning tech team and participating in a weekly Bible study group.

Laura found her church on Google.

Last month, over 100,000 people searched Google for the phrase, “churches near me.” When someone in your community types that into the search bar, will they find your church? And when they do go to your website, will they feel welcome?

Your website is the online welcome mat for the community. According to a recent study, 59% of church attendees say they browsed a church’s website before picking that church for a visit. And 36% decided not to attend a church because of what they found—or didn't find—on the church's website. So it’s not enough to simply have a website for your church. It needs to speak to your guests, those you want to attract through the doors of your church.

​There are people just like Laura in your community looking for a spiritual home, and your website is how they’ll find your church. So don’t let your church website be an afterthought, because it’s important for attracting guests. A little effort up front will make a huge difference in reaching people in your community.​

SermonView now offers a service to turn your church website into a powerful evangelistic tool. We’ll help you create a site that feels relevant, personal, and welcoming. Then we can help you get that website seen by people in your community searching for a church near you.​

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