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is our passion.

Better marketing means more people at your next evangelistic event! At SermonView, we’re passionate about using our gifts to get you better results: higher response rates, lower cost per opening night attendee, and a deeper, more diverse audience. Let us help you bring more people to your next series.

Our Methodology

What Sets Us Apart?

SermonView is committed to constant research and analysis in order to develop new evangelistic marketing strategies for your church. And the results speak for themselves.



After enduring numerous low-attendance campaigns, one experienced evangelist asked us to help bring more people to his meetings. We completely rebuilt his entire handbill, applying our best marketing practices to the situation. His next meeting yielded 273 people on opening night—more than tripling his previous response rate. We apply these same principles to every campaign, and now thousands of new people are walking into meetings across the country.




By shifting the focus from cost per handbill to cost per attendee, you can make your evangelism budget go much further. One church collaborated with us to make new campaign materials that brought more people than usual. As a result, their cost per opening night attendee was 33% less than their historical average—a number which has been in decline over the last 15 years. More effective promotional materials makes the most of your evangelism budget and brings more people to your series.


We worked with a church to develop a wide-ranging campaign for their evangelistic series. The data from the series show how attendees were drawn from each of the different sources. Direct mailers, banners, yard signs and other methods all played an integral role in helping make this series a success. By finding the perfect marketing mix for your next campaign we can help you reach a deeper, wider audience.


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