An Innovative Cycle of Evangelism


The Promise Prophecies is a year-long cycle of evangelism that includes Bible study leads and video content for hosting a reaping series in your community. By joining in this effort, you'll get:

Content for a 15-session reaping series, including video content and material for a guided discussion after each video. There is also a follow-up podcast for each session for your guests can listen to for diving deeper into the content. The recommended start date for this series is early 2024, but you can run your event sooner if you'd like.

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A 1-year subscription to SermonView's LeadGenerator program where you'll get new Bible study interests every month, guaranteed. We recommend you sign up for The Promise Prophecies early so you can start working on your Bible study leads for at least 4 months leading up to your event start date.

What's LeadGenerator?

Training for you and your team on how to engage with Bible study interests and your guests. Plus, you'll get additional technical training and support for the software you'll be using to track your progress and engagement with your leads. We also have downloadable host resources to help with your event.

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Did the Bible predict the darkness and injustice we struggle with today?

Bible prophecies have been unfolding right in front of our eyes and have predicted human history with 100% accuracy. Global government chaos, natural disasters, wars and devastating sickness across the planet have all been foretold—and there is more to come.

The Promise Prophecies is designed for anyone interested in understanding the predictions of Daniel and Revelation or global issues and their affect on our lives today. Learn to decipher the prophecies of the Bible and understand what they mean for those living in last-day events. Pull back the veil of mystery and uncertainty, and give yourself a foundation of peace by understanding what the Bible says will happen next. 

You don’t have to live in fear. You can experience a revelation in your life and find the answers to start enjoying the life and opportunities God originally created you for. You’ll see the prophecies of the Bible in a whole new way—full of God’s bright promises.


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How it works

The Promise Prophecies is a full-message evangelistic series that will present the hope found in Revelation in a whole new way.

For the reaping meeting, there are three innovative elements: the environment, the presentation, and the follow up.

For your environment, we recommend you set up your sanctuary or meeting hall with tables, to help create a natural way to break out into small groups. If you cannot do tables, make sure that your chairs or pews are set up in a way that encourages people to gather towards the front, rather than spread out. And make sure you have people from your church in each row to help facilitate breakout sessions.

The other innovative elements of the series are a professional video presentation and follow up podcast series which will be provided for you to incorporate into your meetings.

Each session consists of 3 parts:

Video Presentation

Your guests will then watch a 30-minute video presentation with Evangelist Byron Corbett. These videos will be prerecorded from another local Texas presentation just a few weeks prior, so the content will feel fresh and as if it could be streaming live.

Local Moderator/Small Groups

The meeting will conclude with a breakout session. Either in small groups with table moderators, or as a larger group with the main moderator. The group(s) will discuss the topic from the video with moderator led questions for guidance. Scriptures will show how the Bible directly lines up with what was shared in each session.

Podcast Episodes

After each session a new podcast episode will be made available for all participants. This will be printed on their study guides and should be a fun way to connect with your guests beyond the nightly meetings. (All you’ll need to do is share the links and use them as a connection tool.)
Your Guest Connection Team should try to be at each of the tables, or spread out in the larger group. Since we will be concluding each session with time for a guided discussion, it will greatly help your moderator if your team can fill in the gaps and engage in conversations too. This can help liven the discussion time, provide clarification for your guests, and allow leaders to be readily available in case someone asks deeper questions about what your church believes.

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HOSt Resources & Training

We are so glad you are joining us for The Promise Prophecies! Below, you'll find the next steps you need to take along with training videos and host resources you can download for your moderator and your teams planning your event and managing your LeadGenerator leads. Please feel free to contact SermonView if you have any questions along the way.

1. Provide Your Event Information Form

SermonView is excited to partner with the Texas Conference for The Promise Prophecies to help with the marketing for churches in this evangelistic effort.

We've bundled the most effective promotional resources in a mixed marketing package to give you the best coverage your specific church needs to engage your members and reach more people in your local area. Fill out this form to send us your specific details such as start dates and venue address for your upcoming event, then we'll get started on your campaign design.

Don't worry, you'll have a chance to look over everything before anything gets printed, so you'll have opportunities to review each item ahead of time.

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2. Get Your Coordinating Bible Studies

We have a list of resources to help your audience better grasp God's promises and love for them. These items have been intentionally chosen to go along with this series and include this curated list of Bible studies that can be purchased directly from It Is Written.
Important Notes:  
 Sessions 6, 12, and 15 each have two Bible study handouts.  
2. As the meetings progress, you can order less of each Bible study.  For example, if you think your opening night crowd will be 60 people, order 75 Bible studies for Session #1.  By Session #6, you could drop the order to 60, for example.  Keep lowering the number based on your best guess for crowd size.  By the last session, you may only need to order 30 or 40 Bible studies.  
3.  For your Sabbath morning sessions, make sure you order enough Bible studies to cover your Sabbath morning attendance since you are adapting your worship service to follow the session format, and most people will want a copy.

Session 1:
Guide #1: "Can God Be Trusted?"


Session 2:
Guide #2: "Seeing the Signs"


Session 3:
Guide #4: "Hope for a Planet in Crisis"


Session 4:
Guide #18: "The Mystery Beast of Revelation"


Session 5:
No additional Bible study handouts


Session 6:
Guide #7: "Quality Time"


Session 6:
Guide #8: "The Day that Disappeared"


Session 7:
Guide #6: "Peace on Earth"


Session 8:
Guide #14: "Buried Alive?"


Session 9:
Guide #10: "The Mystery of Death"


Session 10:
Guide #12: "Hellfire: Would God Really Do That?"


Session 11:
Guide #17: "The Messiah and the Judgment"


Session 12:
Guide #15: "Living Life to the Fullest"


Session 12:
Guide #24: "More Than Enough"


Session 13:
Guide #13: "The Second Coming of Jesus"


Session 14:
Guide #19: "The Mark of the Beast"


Session 15:
Guide #21: "In Search of the Church"


Session 15:
Guide #23: "Prophets and Prophecy"

3. Select & Purchase Your Giveaway Items

You'll also want to consider books and DVDs to give away to your guests during your event. Offering a free gift, Bible studies, and their very own Bible, will help your guests feel valued and remember their experience with your church each time they look at your gifts.
Here are some suggested resources you can use:

Amazing Facts DVDs*


“Cosmic Conflict” DVD
(Sharing Edition)


“Final Events of Bible Prophecy” DVD
(Sharing Edition)

*Important Note:  Make sure you order the “Sharing Edition” of these DVD’s. They are cheaper than the regular version and sometimes go on sale for only $2.00 each.

Adventist Book Center Literature*


Sabbath Book
"The Repairing of Sam Brown"


1 Case
"Steps to Christ"


Gift of Prophecy Book
"A Gift of Light"

*Important Note: The Sabbath book is used for visitation following the Sabbath presentation, and Steps to Christ and A Gift of Light are important giveaways to all attenders during session #15.

Andrews University Press:


Call Rebecca Gordon at 269.471.6134 Ask for: "Special Evangelism Bibles" Andrews University Study Bible, NKJV, Evangelism Edition

*Important Note:   Make sure you specify you are doing evangelistic meetings and you want the special Bible for those meetings.

Christian Book Distributors:


Strong's Exhaustive Concordance (Updated Edition)

*Important Note: This makes an excellent giveaway for the attendance drawing at the end of each meeting.

4. Download Your Team Guides & Printable Resources

Team Guides:

We've developed these guides for you to better understand how this series will work for your local church. Download both guides and be sure to share them with your teams.


Event Coordinator &
Guest Connection Guide

Download this guide to learn how to run your event, better understand your marketing resources, what items you'll need onsite, and how to equip your team for connecting with your guests during and after the series.

Download Now

Event Moderator Guide

Download this guide to learn how to host your event as the event moderator. You'll better understand how the series will flow, what items you'll need onsite, and how engage your guests during the series.

Download Now

Download Additional Documents:

Download these registration cards and short in-home visitation instructions for connecting with guests after specific sessions.


Registration Cards

Download, print, and cut these cards to use in conjunction with the InterestTracker attendance tracking software, AttendanceTracker.

Download Now

Visitation Instructions

Download the visitation instructions for how to best engage with your guests during the series. (At-home visitations should be about 15-20 minutes, and made during the first week of the series, after session #3, and before session #6.)

Download Now

Printable Study Guides

If you find you didn't order enough, these printable study guides will come in handy. This zipped folder has front and back files for all 15 meetings. Unzip the folder, then choose the files you need to print.

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Training Webinar Archives:

The Promise Prophecies was first launched in April 2023 with a select group of churches. These pilot churches were part of a cohort where we tested the format and fine-tuned the series. We learned a lot about how to support hosts and how to improve the series for other churches in the future.

The following training webinars are from this soft-launch group. All of the training resources you see here still apply to churches wanting to host the series today. Be sure to watch each video and share these with your team for an added training element for your program.

On April 18 we held our final group training session for all host churches providing a full walkthrough for the event. We covered how transitions work from videos to guided discussions and the various meeting appeals, giveaway materials, and onsite resources for your guests.

On April 5 we held another group training session for all host churches covering the guest attendance software you'll be using for your event. We understand new technology can sometimes feel uncomfortable to learn, but this software is really easy to use and we’re here to walk you through it and answer any questions.

On March 15 we held another group training session for all host churches covering how to create a guest-friendly environment. We covered a lot from setting up your church building and offering refreshments, to when and how you should reach out to guests. You can watch the archive here and share it with the rest of your team.
On March 7 we held a group training session for all host churches introducing the new full-message series, The Promise Prophecies. Don't worry if you missed it, you can still watch it and share it with the rest of your team here.
In January we held a group training session discussing the LeadGenerator campaigns for all host churches. If you missed it or would like to watch it again, you can still watch it and share it with the rest of your team here.

As a church hosting The Promise Prophecies, you get a year-long Bible study lead generation campaign with SermonView Evangelism Marketing to help you build connections in your community leading up to your event and the rest of your evangelistic cycle.  Once you are signed up, keep an eye out for more details from SermonView about your specific LeadGenerator campaign.


"What is LeadGenerator?"

LeadGenerator is a program by SermonView Evangelism Marketing that uses online advertising to offer free Bible studies to people in your area. All ads are handled by SermonView's social media accounts, so you won't have to manage content or comments, and SermonView will automatically send each lead to your team to deliver the Bible studies and work towards building connections.

Once you sign up to host The Promise Prophecies, you will receive a welcome box with more details and resources for your volunteer teams that will be going to the door like team guides with connection tips, greeting cards and volunteer lanyards.

*Real Ad sample from LeadGenerator.  Actual ad campaign themes may vary.

Connect with real people each month.

You'll get a steady stream of Bible study requests through a year-round online campaign, offering guaranteed connections every month to build your interest list and grow your ministry leads.

We guarantee your Bible study requests.

After years of lead generation experience and testing digital marketing strategies, we’re confident that we can find people in your community that want to study the Bible. 

Learn more about our lead guarantee at:

"What ads will people be responding to?"

Because we are constantly testing and adjusting our Bible study ads for improvement, these are not the only ads we will use for your campaign. These do, however, represent the ad themes we've seen work best.

God Cares Theme

These ads are designed to resonate with people who might be feeling lost in the world and want to be grounded in God's love. Good studies for this theme will include those that focus on the character and love of God in the first few lessons.

Prophecy Theme

This series of ads is focused on people that have a hunger for understanding what the Bible says about the direction of our world. Studies for this theme should stay focused on the power of biblical prophecy or what Christ's return might look like. Offer lessons that start off on that subject.

No matter the theme, each ad is clearly an offer to study the Bible.

The person completing the online form must click through several pages before officially requesting their Bible study, so you can be sure that your leads did not sign up by accident.

At the Door Connection Tip:

Make a good first impression by making the right introduction.

So far the only brand your Bible study leads have seen is what was used on the ads which is  "My Free Bible Study". So make sure when you go to the door you wear your volunteer lanyard which displays the same logo and introduce yourself as part of the My Free Bible Study team. This will help them remember the request they made online and help your initial introduction start off on the right foot.


"What studies should I use?"

The online ads your leads see won't prescribe a specific Bible study, but rather, promote a theme. (You may end up offering a variety of Bible studies throughout the year.) Check the offer details within each of your lead's interest profiles within InterestTracker to see the theme of the ad that they responded to.

Considering the theme of each ad someone responds to allows you to choose the Bible study that best represents your church and also directly speaks to their spiritual interest, which will encourage a positive start and continued connection.


Online Interest Tracking Software

More than just a database, this online CRM helps your church manage interests on their way to membership. View all Bible study requests, event pre-registrations, segment your lists, add notes, and track their activity through every interaction they have with your team.

New to InterestTracker?

Don't worry, when you sign up to host The Promise Prophecies, SermonView will set up your church and your pastor as the Church Administrator to help get you started. (Keep an eye out for an email from InterestTracker with your account details.)

Learn more about the software including how to add the rest of your team (and which roles are going to be the best fit) by watching these short training videos.

Learn More

At SermonView, we are passionate about ministry and nerds for marketing.

Your event should be an easy way to connect with people in your community.  When you work with us, we handle all of the marketing aspects, giving you and your church members the time and energy to focus on the important work -- building relationships with your guests.

SermonView is excited to partner with the Texas Conference for The Promise Prophecies. We can't wait to see how God will move through your church this year! Please let us know if you have any questions about this evangelistic effort. Someone will reach out to you.

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SermonView offers comprehensive marketing bundles that cover everything you need to get the word out about your event.

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Every marketing campaign for your reaping event is personalized for you to help your church shine in your community.


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