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Unlike text-based ads, YouTube ads allow you to incorporate visuals, sounds, and even storytelling elements. This immersive experience not only leaves a lasting impression but also helps your viewers establish trust and build an emotional connection with your church brand.

So, where should you begin? We've built out the following free resources to help you craft your own engaging content and record high-quality videos for connecting with your community online.

Get inspired for crafting your content.


If you are looking for inspiration and marketing tips to write strong content, here are Four Tips to Create Engaging Content for your consideration. We hope this free printable document helps you cast a vision as you work on building your library of video content for your online brand.

Get guidance for recording videos.

We've broken down 5 key elements you need to record better videos and turned it into a easy-to-follow, printable instruction guide & checklist. This will help you begin making effective and engaging "selfie-style" videos that will feel high-quality to your viewers.


Get equipped with the right gear.


We've done the research and compiled this list of suggested gear to help if you are looking at purchasing a tripod, phone mount, microphone, ring light, and more. You don't have to purchase any of these items to record your videos, but they are  inexpensive options for those on a budget and looking to improve their setup.

Get even more with webinars.


In this webinar, we were joined by Dr. Hiram Rester to discuss what he learned from his own research on evangelistic video advertising. He broke apart key elements and practical tips to help you start creating your own video content.

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