The perfect window for Evangelism

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When are people most open to coming to church?

You have an idea for a bridge event or evangelistic series, but when should you run it to maximize attendance? While there is no perfect formula, history and current trends indicate that shortly after Easter is an ideal launch window for spring evangelism.

Pew Research indicates there are dramatic spikes when Americans search online for churches near them.

One such time of year has historically been Easter when the term “church” spikes even more than it does leading up to Christmas. Many Sunday churches are packed for Easter—65% of Americans identify themselves as Christian, but 79% of Americans celebrate Easter.

Of course, the pandemic has dramatically impacted church attendance, but what does this mean for Easter now?

People are more open to authentic spirituality in the wake of the pandemic. 

This falls in line with the findings of many studies on how traumatic experiences affect one’s spirituality. So even while church attendance is down, people continue to search for the term “church.” But now we are seeing a rise in more terms such as “Is God real?” or “How do I know God loves me?”

In fact, at SermonView we’ve seen huge success with our LeadGenerator campaigns that use terms like “God Cares” to encourage Bible study requests.

Right after Easter—specifically, the following two weekends—is a prime window to start your evangelism efforts.

Given the cultural climate and fear around the future, many people will be searching for hope during a time of year that draws attention to the love of God, Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice, and a desire to reconnect to their faith.

In their searching, will they find your church?

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